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Request to Visitors  Friends and colleagues are requested to visit my current website   for more posts . You will find my particulars there and a number of items that may be of interest to you. This site will give you an idea as to what type of posts you can expect in this blog when it becomes fully operative. The website will be discontinued in the not-too-distant future I'll keep on adding posts in this blog at a leisurely pace. This blog is entitled 'TacitKnowledge', recalling the work of the great scientist and philosopher Michael Polanyi. It is planned as a platform for much that we perceive but don't always share, fearing that our views are too vague to be of value.


This site will take you to a tour of books and articles written by me, over the years and on various topics. One major area covered will be theoretical physics, while broader domains will also be explored - touching upon philosophy, psychology and, perhaps, the contemporary social-political scenario too. In most of these I will be clearly writing without regard to my competence and qualification because that is what this site is meant to be - a platform for our tacitly held views.  You will find my CV here if you feel like getting to know more about my background.    

A Chapter from my book 'Basic Physics: Principles and Concepts'

[This is a self-published e-book available at the internet archive; you can buy the book at a nominal price here or here ]  Click to read the chapter on the special and general theories of relativity . I hope you will find it readable and interesting.

The Problem of Induction and the Problem of Free Will

This article is a sequel to my monograph 'Inference Belief and Interpretation in Science'. It looks at the self  of an individual as a complex system and explores the roots of free will to self-linked psychological resources. The apparent conflict between free will and determinism is examined in the light of the complexity of the self-linked processes.  Click here to read

A Chapter from my book 'Basic Optics: Principles and Concepts'

  [This book is published by Elsevier. It is an exhaustive survey of basic concepts of Optics, and is modern in approach. It captures the essential charm of physics.] Click here to read the chapter on the foundations of ray optics.

Read my Bengali article on Philosophy of Mathematics

Starting from the work of Gottlob Frege and the success and failure of the logicist trend in the philosophy of mathematics, and then having a brief look at Zermelo-Frenkel set theory, I address a few basic issues in Mathematical Realism , also termed Platonism in mathematics. While prominent names in mathematics are known to have adopted the Platonist position, the latter is not free of problems of interpretation rooted deeply in our view of what mathematical truth is all about. I then counterpose the intuitionist view of mathematics against the Platonist view and briefly outline David Hilbert's project of looking for the consistency of Mathematics, aiming to reconcile the finitary approach with the Platonist point of view. This also engendered the possibility of a resolution between the realist and the intuitionist points of view, but that possibility was thwarted to a considerable extent by Goedel's incompleteness theorems. This leads to the position that different trends i

my Bengali article on the somersaulting cat: বিড়ালের ডিগবাজি

The cat has, over decades, generated fabulous interest and attention in science and literature. The way it somersaults in air remained an enigma to physicists, till a series of investigations - some not quite friendly to the cat - has thrown light on the puzzle, and the basic principles underlying the somersault are now known. The somersault needs quite sophisticated analysis to be explained in reasonably clear terms. This raises a deep question..... Click here to read